I’m back

It has been a while since this blog was active. I would like to explain what was going on.

VPS issues

At the end of 2012 I started having issues with my sites. There were malware injections in the pages. I could quickly resolve this by reinstalling WordPress, but still, it was annoying. Also my VPS storage was rapidly filling up. This caused MySQL to stop working. Back then, I did a full backup of my sites and the SQL.

Site issues

Not only did I have issues with the VPS, the site was also performing poorly. I tried to look at it back then, but I actually blamed the VPS for this. Now I checked it again and it was in fact my database. I tried some plugins which integrate with WordPress which used my database. I did not notice that it never removed those tables. Now that I resolved it, the site works like it should.

Free Azure

Since late 2012, I became a Microsoft Student Partner. While it is a nice title, it is more than that. It also means I get some benefits. I recently Microsoft activated my MSDN Visual Studio Ultimate account. With that, I get free Azure.  Today I migrated my site to Azure and it works well, the management console is clear and the site is stable.


I hope that clears it up, I’m sorry I haven’t been active for a while, but I’m back now.