Windows 8 user experience

Windows 8 looks and feels different. Everyone who has used the Consumer preview can agree on that, but what do they have in mind?

Looking at a blogpost on msdn they clearly summed up what they wanted with Windows 8. I wanted to dive into that post to see what they state.

  • Windows 8 should be Fast and Fluid, it needs to feel responsive, performant, beautiful and animated. It needs to be efficient  and should not feel as if Windows 8 is in the way of it all.
  • It should have a Long Battery Life since Windows 8 will run on a lot of laptops and tablets. When the original Windows programming model was created, all computers were plugged in all the time. With WinRT apps, Windows can throttle them down to use no CPU or memory without losing the user’s work.
  • Of course Windows 8 will get Windows 8 apps. They are optimized to  last longer on your battery life, are beautiful and immersive.
  • One of the features that we saw on Windows Phone before are the Live Tiles. They are here to stay in Windows 8 and should make it all more personal. Everyone will have a different start menu and you can organize it as you wish. Live tiles can have all kinds of snippets of information like “Who wrote on my timeline?” “Did I get a new email?”.
  • Also Apps work together. Through the charms menu you can share information to other apps. Are you visiting a site you like? Why not put it on your blog?
  • When you sign on to a device with you Microsoft Account Your experience will be shared across computers. Got a new wallpaper on your PC? It’s there when you log onto your tablet. Beat that very hard level on your tablet? Why would you want to play it again on your PC?
  • It should Make your PC work like a device. It should be very simple to use. You shouldn’t have to go through a labyrinth of control panels, it should just work without too much trouble. You can till configure it all, you just don’t have to.

So I wonder.. Are you excited about it all?